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Privacy Policy for Curly Screenshot Tool

Last updated: April 2, 2024

Welcome to the Privacy Policy of the Curly Screenshot Tool, a dedicated screenshot extension for Google Chrome. Our commitment is to respect your privacy and ensure the security of your data while using our extension. This policy outlines our practices regarding data collection, usage, and protection to inform you about how we handle your information.

1. Information We Do Not Collect

Curly Screenshot Tool is designed with your privacy in mind. The extension does not collect, store, or transmit any personal data or analytics. We do not track your browsing activity, capture personal information, or engage in any form of data collection for analytics or advertising purposes.

2. Local Storage of Data

All data and screenshots captured using Curly Screenshot Tool are stored locally on your device. We do not store any data on external servers or cloud services. The information captured by the extension, including screenshots, is entirely under your control and is stored on your computer's local storage.

3. No External Code Loading

Curly Screenshot Tool operates without loading external code. The extension functions independently, ensuring that your usage is secure, and there is no risk of external code injection or privacy breaches through third-party code.

4. Usage of Permissions

The extension requires certain browser permissions to operate effectively. These permissions are strictly used for the functionality of capturing, editing, and saving screenshots. We do not use these permissions for data collection or any other purpose that would compromise your privacy.

5. User Consent

By installing and using Curly Screenshot Tool, you consent to the practices outlined in this privacy policy. Your use of the extension indicates your agreement to the storage of data locally on your device and acknowledges that no personal data is collected or stored by us.

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. Any changes will be posted on this page, and we encourage you to review our privacy policy periodically to stay informed about how we are protecting your information.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or your data's security while using Curly Screenshot Tool, please contact us at

Thank you for choosing Curly Screenshot Tool. We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with a secure and reliable extension for all your screenshot needs.